Customised Surveys & Analysis

Salary surveys provide accurate and relevant salary information, enabling organisations to make decisions that ensure remuneration policies and practices are competitive in the market.

There are many surveys available but they do not always cater to an organisation’s unique requirements. It is not uncommon that from time to time an organisation may require specific salary information that is not easily obtainable or adequately addressed in salary surveys available.

Remesys will work with you to develop a customised survey. In partnership with you we will:

  • Identify targeted organisations in the external market that you wish to benchmark specific positions against
  • Collect and collate data
  • Perform comprehensive data analysis
  • Develop a course of action that is aligned to your company’s overall pay strategy

Additionally, Remesys can work with you to incorporate the data from your customised survey into R.Review, our web-based salary review solution.

As with all Remesys solutions, our surveys and analysis are customised, flexible and tailored to suit your specific requirements. Please contact us to discuss how Remesys consulting services can work for you.