Job Evaluation

Remesys understands that job evaluation plays a key role in an organisation’s remuneration framework. Placing a value on the relative worth of each position establishes a common approach in determining levels of contribution and value for effort. It also provides a stable framework that allows a fair and consistent approach to financial reward for employees.

Whether analytical or non-analytical, our consultants are experienced in various job evaluation methodologies and we will partner with you to determine the job evaluation method best suited to meet your unique organisational needs. Alternatively, our consultants can assist in the process of evaluating positions using your current job evaluation model.

Remesys consultants will ensure that your job evaluation approach:

  • Evaluates positions fairly and consistently, ensuring internal relativities are appropriate
  • Facilitates the design and ongoing management of equitable remuneration structures and pay grades
  • Enables sound market comparisons with positions deemed equal or similar in complexity and size external to the organisation
  • Ensures positions are being assessed objectively (rather than subjectively) providing a framework for consistency in all pay decisions
  • Ensures compliance with equal pay legislation
  • Is simple to understand and administer

As with all Remesys solutions, our job evaluation approach is flexible and tailored to suit your specific requirements. Please contact us to discuss how Remesys consulting services can work for you.