Salary Structure Development

The purpose of a salary structure is to provide a fair and consistent basis for motivating and rewarding employees. Working with you, Remesys can design a salary structure that ensures your pay practices are internally equitable, externally competitive and provides a consistent base for implementing your company’s reward policies.

Whether your company requires a graded pay structure, is looking at broadbanding, or a salary structure based on job families, Remesys will work with you to establish a salary structure that:

  • Values individuals through appropriate levels of reward based on position/job size and the individual’s performance, contribution and skill set
  • Is appropriate to the company’s unique culture and characteristics
  • Is flexible and enables the organisation to respond quickly to internal and external forces (skills shortages, market rate changes) as required
  • Provides scope for rewarding the best performers whilst still providing appropriate reward for those deemed effective
  • Ensures consistent pay decisions are made
  • Enables control over the implementation of pay policies and pay budgets
  • Improves transparency to employees around career development and pay opportunities

As with all Remesys solutions, our advice on salary structure development is flexible and tailored to suit your specific requirements. Please contact us to discuss how Remesys consulting services can work for you.