Total Reward Planning & Analysis

Organisations understand that a reward strategy that only differentiates them on the basis of cash reward can be easily replicated by competitors. As a result, the trend in recent years is for organisations to differentiate themselves in the market place on the basis of their combined cash and non-cash reward offerings.

With many organisations directing resources to the area of total reward, it is important that employees are fully aware of, and understand the value of, the benefits that are made available to them. An appreciation of this value can have a tangible impact on attraction and retention programs through improved brand recognition and increased employee satisfaction and engagement.

Remesys expert consultants can provide advice on redesigning remuneration practices to incorporate a Total Employment Cost (TEC) approach as well as develop communications to ensure employees’ understand and recognise the true value of their Total Reward (TR).

Remesys will work with you to ensure your Total Reward Program that:

  • Provides a holistic approach to reward and is transparent to all employees
  • Reflects your unique company culture
  • Enhances the employee relationship through increased motivation and employee commitment
  • Is flexible in meeting the individual needs of employees
  • Directs spend in those “bang for buck” areas

As with all Remesys solutions, our total reward planning & analysis advice is flexible and tailored to suit your specific requirements. Please contact us to discuss how Remesys consulting services can work for you.