Remesys is a market leader with a record of success in delivering innovative solutions that assist organisations to manage and streamline their review processes. We have implemented our solutions at organisations across the Asia Pacific region for salary reviews, performance reviews, variable pay and share/equity allocation processes.

Our salary review, bonus, incentive and performance management solutions have been implemented in a range of organisations including AGL Energy, Allianz, AMP, Aristocrat, Australian Unity, Boral, Bupa, Canon, ClearView, Cristal, Ericsson, Fonterra, Foxtel, GrainCorp, Herbert Smith Freehills, HCF, iiNet, IOOF, Leighton Contractors, Mission Australia, Mitsubishi Australia, Mitsubishi Development, Nutricia, Pacific Brands, Perpetual, Pitcher Partners, Programmed, QBE, Salmat, SMS Technology and Management, Sportsbet, StarTrack, Sydney Water, Thales, United Group Resources, The Australian Industry Group and Wolters Kluwer.



  • Logo Canon"A material amount of time was saved by using R.Review. This allowed us to provide additional value add to the business during the review and reduced the number of late nights, previously considered a necessary evil of the review.”

    Reward and Recognition Manager, Canon
  • Logo Salmat"Managers took to the system with ease. They were pleased that their previous feedback had been taken on board and appreciated that their main concerns and needs relating to the salary review process had been addressed. At all levels the feedback received was overwhelmingly positive.”

    Remuneration Consultant, Salmat
  • Logo Ericsson"Not only did R.Review address the key areas that we had identified for improvement in our review processes, but extra software features, such as generated recommendations and automated letter production, were highly beneficial and were well received by our managers.”

    Manager Performance and Reward, Ericsson
  • logo agl“The service level provided by Remesys is exceptional. Whenever a challenge is presented during rem review, Remesys are always available (no matter what time) and provide a solution to our issue in a timely manner. Remesys appreciate the sensitive nature and impact of issues on people during a remuneration review and keep their sense of humour.”

    Head of Remuneration and Benefits, AGL
  • logo australian unity“R.Review not only met our expectations from the HR end, but from our managers perspective it was a seamless transition. The Remesys Consultants were always there to help us through the whole process.”

    HR Business Solutions Manager, Australian Unity
  • logo australian industry"The Remesys consultants were a delight to work with; they were highly responsive to any of our requests or queries. In particular they were very mindful of the project plan, and kept the project on deadline.”

    Human Resources Manager, The Australian Industry Group
  • logo australian industry"The system was incredibly intuitive, meaning that HR generally did not have to provide any training; i.e. the Directors and managers were predominantly self-sufficient in navigating their way around.”

    Human Resources Manager, The Australian Industry Group
  • Logo Canon“Remesys consultants are always very quick to respond, even outside of normal business hours."



    Reward and Recognition Manager, Canon
  • Logo Canon“The other real surprise was the ease in the letter preparation. Usually this is the most painful step of a review and with this product it was a breeze!"

    Reward and Recognition Manager, Canon
  • logo bupa“From a new user's perspective we found that R.Review was intuitive and easy to learn, and of great assistance throughout the rem review process."

    Remuneration Specialist, Bupa Australia
  • logo pitcher partners“Access to data can be achieved within a few steps, which means a more effective response time to the business."


    Director Human Resources, Pitcher Partners
  • logo ericsson"The Remesys tool is a good initiative and makes the line manager’s job much easier".



    Line Manager, Ericsson
  • logo bupa“The process ran smoothly, with less time spent on administration. Reporting from R.Review meant that any time spent was focussed on areas that needed it."

    Line HR, Bupa Australia
  • MAL logo"Managers knew they could rely on the systems automated workflow process to deliver their recommendations to other decision makers for comment or approval, with confidence in data integrity and delivery.”

    General Manager Corporate Affairs, Director and Company Secretary, Mitsubishi Australia Ltd
  • MDP logo“R.Review provided managers with a better understanding of our remuneration policy, market positioning and internal relativities. This increased their confidence to make informed decisions that they could justify to their staff.”

    General Manager Human Resources, Mitsubishi Development
  • MDP logo”R.Review allowed us to take advantage of an integrated solution with a common approach across both our companies whilst being tailored to each of our unique requirements. This saved on costs without sacrificing the flexibility we needed.”

    General Manager Human Resources, Mitsubishi Development
  • logo nutricia“The team at Remesys were always extremely responsive and willing to assist at a moment’s notice. Their obvious expertise and proactive approach to solving problems made the transition to R.Review very smooth.”

    Human Resources Manager for Australia and New Zealand, Nutricia
  • logo salmat"I encountered real customer service and incredibly helpful consultants. This has continued to be extended well and truly beyond the point of sale. I have been exceptionally impressed with the level of ongoing support and guidance provided by Remesys.”

    Remuneration Consultant, Salmat
  • logo sydney water“R.Review enabled our process to be more streamlined and reduced the completion time of the review for 550 senior managers by approx. 2 weeks. Letters were quick and easy. The system is easy to use and provides the flexibility for managers to change TRP increases when required.”

    Reward and Recognition Manager, Sydney Water
  • logo sydney water“The Remesys consultants were excellent, very helpful and always available when help was required.”


    Senior HR Consultant, Sydney Water
  • logo sportsbet“I have been extremely impressed with Remesys’ approach to our current system implementation. Everything has gone smoothly, quickly and according to plan. The Remesys consultants have been incredibly supportive throughout the process, always on hand to answer our queries with timely responses and progress updates. I would recommend Remesys to anyone looking for an online remuneration and performance tool. The product itself is fantastic, but the service and support provided by the team ensures we will get the outcomes we were after.”


    Performance & Reward Manager, Sportsbet
  • Logo Salmat"Some of the reasons we selected R.Review over other offerings included Remesys absolute commitment to meeting our tight implementation deadline, their level of commitment to their customers, their understanding of the salary review process, their willingness to accommodate our processes rather than Salmat having to adapt to the product, and the simplicity of the system for managers recommending and approving salary increases.”

    Head of People and Culture, Salmat

Salary and Bonus review process - Programmed

Programmed save time and improve visibility of their remuneration and bonus review process using R.Review.

Time to Update the Existing Review Process

Programmed is a diverse business providing staffing, maintenance and facility management services to over 7000 customers across Australia & New Zealand. Programmed operate a network of over 100 branches and employ over 10,000 staff across a broad range of government and private sector industries in the resources, infrastructure, education, manufacturing and logistics, commercial/retail as well as tourism and recreation markets.

Prior to implementing R.Review, Programmed used Excel spreadsheets to manage their review process and mail-merge to generate letters at the end of the review. The process was extremely time consuming for the team assigned to manage the process and was prone to errors, requiring checking and doublechecking of data.

In a business as large and diverse as Programmed, employee movement made it impossible to keep the data up to date. According to Suzzanna Flanagan, Group Manager, Remuneration Service, “One of the key drivers for implementing a salary review solution was that we were unable to keep information up to date during the review process. Information that was correct at the time the spreadsheets were prepared (sometimes up to 4 months in advance) was out of date by the time letters need to be prepared and payroll advised of the outcome, resulting in unnecessary time needed to double and triple check the data.”

Choosing the Right Solution

The process of investigation and assessment occurred over a number of years, but once a decision was made, implementation of R.Review was surprisingly simple. “We looked at several systems over the years, but always come back to R.Review due to its flexibility. R.Review is configured to suit our needs, rather than us having to modify our process to fit the system”, Jim Sherlock, General Manager, HR. Once the decision was made to implement R.Review, a business case was prepared and ROI was quite easy to demonstrate based upon the amount of time the system would save. Team members would no longer need as much time administering and managing the process, preparing letters and spreadsheets, and checking for currency of information.

The Solution

With 7 separate businesses and 100 branches across Australia and New Zealand, it was clear that R.Review would greatly improve the efficiency and transparency of Programmed’s remuneration and bonus review process.

The Remesys consultants worked closely with the Programmed remuneration team to introduce further value by including Programmed’s complex bonus planning reports. Inclusion of the bonus calculations within R.Review not only saved time during the process but captured and automated a critical and complex model previously only able to be executed by one or two individuals in the organisation.

Generation of remuneration and bonus letters was another feature of R.Review which saved time and greatly improved manager buy-in to the review process. Instead of printing, checking and distributing letters from head office, Programmed managers were able to personalise and print their own team’s letters. At all stages of the process, Remesys worked closely with Programmed’s Remuneration Team to ensure the system delivered all requirements, on time and within budget.

R.Review was configured so that all fields, calculations and screens used Programmed’s terminology making the transition to the new system very easy for managers and administrators. According to Suzzanna Flanagan, “R.Review met all of our expectations. The Remesys consultants were very responsive, easy to talk to and pointed me in the right direction as I grew to know the system.”

The Benefits

R.Review delivered several key benefits to Programmed including the following:

  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Ability to log in from anywhere
  • Inclusion of complex bonus calculations
  • Ability for manager’s to personalise and print their team’s letters
  • Provision of shadow / delegate access
  • Inclusion of status and budget reporting

The Level of Service

Remesys clients have at least one dedicated consultant available throughout the review processes. This ensures that clients have direct access to expert advice and support whenever required. Remesys provided all training and support required to ensure that all benefits of an automated remuneration review system were realised in the first review cycle.

“R.Review met all of our expectations. The Remesys consultants were very responsive, easy to talk to and pointed me in the right direction as I grew to know the system.”

HR Innovation and Improvement Manager

R.Review case study


Programmed Logo

Programmed directly employs more than 10,000 skilled and semi-skilled staff and tradespeople across a broad range of government and private sector industries in the resources, infrastructure, education, manufacturing & logistics, commercial/retail and tourism and recreation markets.

R.Review is used to manage the remuneration and bonus review processes for around 1500 employees.
  • Streamlined, transparent process
  • Very user friendly
  • Inclusion of complex bonus planning calculations and reports
  • Status reporting
  • Real-time reporting and tracking of budget versus spend
  • Live updates to data with all budgets, guidelines and calculations updated
  • Virtually no-training required making roll-out and user acceptance easy
  • Automated rem and bonus letter generation
  • Ability to delegate reviews

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