The GrainCorp Experience

Before implementing R.Review, GrainCorp used extremely complex spreadsheets to manage both their remuneration and incentive review processes. Each year the remuneration team would spend a significant amount of time creating spreadsheets using data extracted from multiple payrolls and related systems. GrainCorp evaluated the market and selected Remesys as their technology partner, and implemented R.Review to streamline the process. After implementing the solution, feedback was gathered from both management and the HR community. The feedback shared similar themes - a user-friendly system, significant time savings and improved control and auditability of the process. Comments included:

  • Excellent system, fantastic shift from prior year, very easy, straight forward, split tasks/ responsibilities, great reporting.
  • Auditable, minimal time spent on administering the process, 25% reduction in administration. Letters took no time.
  • Process was contained within the work day for BU HR rather than requiring out of hours effort.
  • 30-40% time reduction. Spent hours as compared to days administering - good flow of information and auditability - reduced risk of over-riding data and version control.
  • Letters were amazing! Excellent and easy to use.

To read more please visit the case studies on our website or Downlad the PDF version.

In the past 12 months companies such as Boral, ClearView, Cristal, Foxtel, GrainCorp, HCF, IOOF, SMEC and Sportsbet have all implemented our online salary review solution to replace their manual spreadsheet approach to manage the remuneration review process.