8 Reasons to Automate Your Salary Review Process

HR departments are embracing online technology in order to streamline processes, maximise efficiency and empower employees. Yet many organisations are still using a cumbersome spreadsheet-based process to manage their annual salary reviews. By automating the process using R.Review, you will realise a number of benefits.

Reduced Errors

If you are using an excel-based process to complete your annual salary reviews, then you have probably experienced the frustrations of slicing, dicing and recompiling spreadsheets, as well as dealing with spreadsheets that have been re-sorted, unprotected or copied and pasted by managers. An online solution with a single source of data, that provides managers with role based access to their team’s information, immediately removes these issues, and can significantly reduce data errors and omissions.

Time Saved

Automation streamlines the salary review process. Management of the process becomes far less cumbersome as you no longer need to worry about version control, tracking spreadsheets, or re-issuing spreadsheets as a result of changes to employee information. Using an online solution, if you make a change during the process to reporting lines, employee status or salary information, this change is immediately reflected in the information that the manager will access.

Easy Access to Relevant Information

You can provide your managers with easy to view access to all the data that they need to make an informed decision. Summary data can be provided so that comparisons can be made against other team members or employees similar positions, whilst detailed information on individual employees can also be provided at the click of a button.

Reviews Completed within Budget & Timelines

With an online solution you can instantly see how the company, division, department or manager is tracking to budget. You can also see which managers have started reviewing their reviews and which managers may need to be followed up. There are also a range of reports that you can run on all elements of the process at any time during the review period.

Increased Compliance

An online solution m will automatically generate a message to a manager when they make a recommendation that is outside of a threshold that you set. These rules may be linked to budget, market data, performance ratings or any other data that you have in the system, and will help guide your managers through the process.

Improved Communication

In many organisations, managers make salary recommendations for team members which may be changed as the process progresses through senior management. With an automated system, managers have visibility or their recommendations throughout the process and if a change is made, the original manager can be notified. Furthermore, prompts can be used to encourage managers to enter comments where they make a recommendation outside of given parameters. Reports can be generated to easily view recommendations that are considered exceptions.

As part of the process emails can also be generated notifying managers that recommendations are ready for approval or that a recommendation has been rejected and requires attention.

Improved Security

An online solution, with role-based access using encrypted passwords is far more secure than emailing out password protected spreadsheets. Passwords are easily cracked, and emails can be easily accessed.

Focus on Outcomes

For many of you, the annual salary process can be stressful, cumbersome and exceptionally time consuming. An online solution will help you streamline the process, improve overall outcomes, and ultimately free up your time to focus on more critical issues.