Looking to Purchase Talent Management Software?

HR Tech crowd

by Lara Kirschner, Remesys Director

I have just returned from the HR Tech Fest in Las Vegas and it was amazing. Having so many vendors in one place, I felt like a kid in a candy store. Literally, as one of the stands had actually set up a candy store! But seriously, I was amazed at the number of vendors exhibiting. It made me realise how difficult it must be as an HR professional to make a decision on which HR solution to purchase.

The key to purchasing a software solution is to have a good understanding of why you are making the investment. What exactly are your issues and how can the software address these? Things you should consider:

  1. What is wrong with your current process?
  2. Thinking about these issues, which ones are related to the process itself and which ones are related to the technology (or lack thereof)?
  3. What system features are important to you? What are ‘nice to haves’ and what are ‘must haves’?
  4. Do you require a fully integrated system or best of breed? If best of breed, then which other HR solutions do you need it to integrate with?Again, consider what is critical vs just a ‘nice to have’
  5. What is your budget? Consider this budget based on current number of users as well as future growth.
  6. What reporting and analytical information would you like to have access to?
  7. How flexible must the solution be? Does your company regularly change your remuneration or performance and talentframework?
  8. How long do you have for implementation? Make sure you include the time it takes to find your preferred vendor, finalise the system development, conduct testing and finally to train your users.

When you have answered the above questions you will be able to identify which vendors you would like to shortlist for a demonstration. To make the demonstration a worthwhile experience for all concerned let the vendor know your key issues and what is important to you in advance. A vendor should be able to tailor the demonstration to your requirements and clearly show why their solution is able to meet your needs.

When you meet with a potential vendor, consider the following:

  1. Does the vendor understand your needs and how does their product deliver against those needs? Many system features and benefits can be impressive in demos, but if they don’t suit your specific needs you may be buying the wrong product.
  2. Can the vendor meet your timeline? Do they have aproven implementation methodology?
  3. How important is customer service to you? How quickly does the vendor respond to your queries? Do they charge for ongoing support?
  4. Is it important that the vendor is Australian? Do you need to host your data in Australia?
  5. What is the vendor’s employee turnover rate? Will you be dealing with a different account manager every few months? Will you have an account manager or only a help desk number? Does this matter for your project?
  6. Is the sales person over promising? Who will be managing your implementation and ongoing account management?
  7. Does the vendor have a track record of delivering similar projects in other organisations, can you speak to any of the clients they have worked with?

Hopefully at this point, you would have a few vendors that meet your requirements and you’ll be well on your way to securing a system that meets most (if not all!) of your requirements.

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