Keep calm and get to know me

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By Rnie

Who are we. We spend countless hours on the phone to you, helping with setting up R.Review or R.Performance, working through different scenarios that may be causing you concern within your organisation, but still do you know who we are?

Taking a slightly different approach this issue of R.News, we thought that it would be a good opportunity to let you know a little bit about us and what makes us get up in the morning.

The Basics:

Name: R "The Rrnmeister" Nie

(Or just Rnie to my friends

Started at Remesys: 2013


Marketing Assistant General Super Hero
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Something people will be surprised to hear about me:

I think most little kids dream of being a clown at the circus and when I was a little lad, I had that dream too. I spent a lot of my free time practicing how to juggle. The best I could do was 5 balls. To keep dextrous and flexible I keep practicing my juggling, but generally limit myself to 3 things. Here is a recent photo of me juggling.

Rnie juggling

My ideal Sunday:

I love to relax and chill on Sundays and the best way for me to chillax is with Yoga. I love to find a nice sunny spot overlooking nature and strike some poses and just contemplate as little as possible, while watching the splendours of nature. I love the cliff tops overlooking the beach when I can, or the mountain regions with the lush forest growth and sometimes it is just about being lazy and stretching out at home. Any location I just love the serenity that Sundays can provide.

rnie meditating 3d

My secret passion:

Being a Jedi Master, a musical conductor, a teacher. Maybe all or none of these. My real secret passion is just to find cool sticks and wave them around. That whoosh should as they move through the air it compels me to swing them with all my effort. Whoosh, whoosh, whooooosh, it is like being a kid again. Carefree and loving the simple things that life brings.

Rnie instructing

What makes me happy:

You. You are what makes me happy dear reader. Without your support and love for R.Review and R.Performance I wouldn’t be able to live my dream and work in such a wonderful organisation, helping wonderful people.

Rnie pointing

Coming up next:

Look out for “Keep Calm and Get to Know Me” with the rest of the team at Remesys. We would also love to profile some of our readers. If you would be happy to feature in a “Keep Calm and Get to Know Me”, please let us know.


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